The Freedom Centre Hull

I asked for this spirit to point to teddy and it did. I asked for spirit to come to me and did
REM POD Battery go drained

The Ship Sutton 2019

Check out Apparition at approx 23 sec

Portal box

Answer on how Portal Box works: Spirits manipulate audio to speak. They can also manipulate physical elements in a photograph to show themselves. They do this via energy as spirits themselves are pure energy. They seem to use our energy as well as electrical energy, crystal energy, magnetic energy and other forms of energy. Reverb frequencies are also able to be used by them it seems, allowing them to speak longer and more direct at times. There is no real science to it, it’s simply energy and audio as well as your connection to them. Some things can not be “explained” by Science, as this is something that is out of our realm of understanding. 

Rawcon 2020

Eastmount April 2019

Thorne Work House May 2019

The Village Church Farm Skegness June 2019

Eastmount Recreation Centre (old school) June 2019

Georgian Mansion Sutton on Hull July 2019

Eastmount Recreation Centre (old School) Curry & information night July 2019

RAF Binbrook September 2019

Training Evening RAF Binbrook October 2019

Eastmount Recreation Centre (old school) November 2019