Grand Hotel Scarborough 10pm -2am 29/10/2021(Bed & Breakfast also available)


  1. St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough YO11 2ET
    The Grand Hotel Scarborough, Address
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    1. The Grand Hotel is a large hotel in Scarborough overlooking the town’s South Bay, it is a Grade II* listed building. Construction began in 1863 and was completed in 1867, at a cost of over £100,000, at the time, it was the largest brick building in Europe. The grand opening was on 24 July 1867. In 1939, the hotel became the home to RAF trainees and the corner cupolas housed anti-aircraft guns. It was designed around the theme of time: four towers to represent the seasons, 12 floors for the months of the year, 52 chimneys symbolise the weeks, and originally there were 365 bedrooms, one for each day of the year, however due to many renovations over the years the room count was reduced to 280. The hotel itself is in the shape of a ‘V’ in honour of Queen Victoria. and was a prime location for wealthy holidaymakers who made up the establishment’s clientele. Famous guests include Winston Churchill, and author Anne Bronte died while staying at lodgings on the site during World War One, the hotel was damaged during a German naval bombardment, and was hit at least 30 times. RAF trainees were stationed there during WWII and the corner cupolas were used to house anti-aircraft guns. Some of the activity reported over the years include guests have witnessed items flying across rooms, objects falling from walls and doors shaking. screaming, singing, laughter and period music have also been heard.. Footsteps heard frequently on empty corridors a lady in a Red Dress has been seen a lot around the grand staircase and first floor.
  • Spectral Investigations UK, will with guests have the opportunity to use many of the main areas of the hotel, use numerous types of paranormal equipment for this investigation including portal box, REM pod, spirit boards, EMF metres, Kinnect SLR plus more.
  • We can also arrange Bed and Breakfast at the price of  £40.00 per person double, family or twin, single occupancy £50.00 per person. (any children staying with you will be your responsibility at all times ie responsible adult should stay with them whilst your on ghost hunt)
  • you can arrange with us to pay in installments for ticket and hotel rooms please contact us for more info
  • Travel may be available for cost of fuel.


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