Darren  (Lead investigator)

Hi guys, I’m Darren and have been a paranormal investigator for some time now. I specialize in the equipment side but also join in on investigations. I love nothing better than the feel of an eerie location and thrive on the suspense of the unknown. When not out investigating I like to watch films, play pool and enjoy time with the family.

Carol (Staff)

Hi everyone, I’m Carol (Darren’s Wife) and I am new to the team and still on my journey of learning the ropes. I have been to a fair few locations now and enjoying every minute. I have no fear and willing to venture into any foreboding area. I love to meet guests and talk about their experiences and share stories. In my spare time, which is very little, I enjoy Darts, cooking, Jigsaws and time with friends and family.

 Paul (Staff)

Hi I’m Paul I was the SCEPTIC until a few things happened which is changing my mind. I’m enjoying meeting the guests showing them all aspects of an investigation, whilst learning and enjoying being involved in all things Spectral. I work full time have a family and grandchildren who I love spending time with.   

Neil (Staff & Spiritualist)

I’m Neil I realised when I was younger I was given a gift and felt I should share it with those that need help or advice. I enjoy helping our guests reassuring them and advising what to do if we get activity from the spirit world. My main priority is to keep everyone happy and safe. I have a daughter who I care for and do lots of voluntary work too.

Debbie (staff general dogs body)

I’m Debbie I work mainly behind the scenes making sure payments and bookings are secure, insurances etc are up to date, first aid etc all to give you the best experience possible and are kept safe too. I am also interested in Tarot, crystals and learning about paranormal investigation as we go along the team are teaching me well. I love spending time with my family and grandsons plus spending time with friends.

Craig (staff)

I’m Craig I do most of the videoing on the investigations. I have been on many investigations and enjoy being part of Team Spectral. I also like spending time with my family and friends. The team take the mickey out of me because I never answer my phone lol.

Ell (staff)

I’m Ell (Elly-May to my parents) I’m the newest, youngest member of the team. I have been on many locations with Team Spectral and my keen involvement with them inspired them to ask me to join. I’m still learning but really enjoy leading the seances and talk board activities and engaging with our guests.