We are a small but friendly team of investigators of the paranormal world. We are based in Hull and between us have many years experience of the paranormal, we have all experienced and witnessed spirit activity and aim to give you the opportunity to experience it for yourselves. Our events are aimed at guests experiencing and undertaking investigations with the guidance of the team. We perform Seance’s, use a Spirit board, EMF meters, Kinect SLS camera’s , Voice recorders, Camcorders with night vision and infrared, Laser grid pens, static detector bear, Portal box as well as old fashion ghost hunting skills. We perform a grounding at the beginning and cleanse at the end of every event. We ensure the safety of guests and staff is paramount at all times. Please be aware that all our events are covered by Public Liability insurance.
The paranormal world covers anything unexplained, we love to investigate and make amazing contents for your enjoyment, we look forward to seeing you all and to read your comments if you have any questions please get in touch,

Mission statement

Our objective is to provide all of our guests with the best possible ghost hunting experience whilst ensuring that all of our guests are within a safe environment at all times. We aim to continue delivering a quality service that will assure that we remain a professional group providing ghost investigations. We strive to look for new opportunities and new ideas for our guests, keeping their experience the number one priority.

****Please be aware that all our events are covered by Public Liability insurance and is available to view on request.

****All guest must be over 18 id could be asked for on the night, Also can be refused entry and money will not be refunded.****

kind regards Spectral Investigations Team